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I invite you to open your heart, trust in intuition, and follow the calling. My space is here, ready to welcome you.

Offering gentle healing modalities that create inner harmony, re-alignment and empower each soul to discover purpose and meaning in daily life and gain deeper understanding of the multidimensional aspects of being.

Honouring and prioritising well-being to reconnect, reclaim and integrate, heal inclusively, all aspects of the Self; emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

As a practitioner, trainer and mentor, I offer tangible tools, techniques and dedicated support for your personal journey of growth, awakening and transformation. For more details on workshops, one-to-one mentoring and training programs, I invite you to read more.

There is a world to be shared together, bridging inner landscapes with outer landscapes to create harmony and confidence within, enabling you to align with your authentic self, sharing and living your purpose in the world.

Online Inner-Child Workshop

6 hours of explanation, guidance and meditations to connect you with your Inner Child.

Inner Child Work is an incredible form of self empowerment; one can take charge of our lives, make changes to our long held beliefs, heal past traumas, habit patterns and self sabotaging behaviours. Furthermore, understand ourselves on a deeper level and work with our emotions mindfully, rather than suppressing them.

Everyone has the capacity to connect to their inner child and this will be demonstrated from the onset and built up over the sessions until the workshop is complete. It will provide the foundations to continue working by yourself on your onward journey, and we’ll always stay connected, support and guidance available at every step.

One-to-one personal online workshop | Click here to sign up

Workshop Participant's experiences

I connected with Amy immediately when we met for that first conversation. I don’t know if I could’ve had as much success without that connection. Amy listened intently to me any time I had a question or wanted to explain why I have some of the issues that I’m trying to resolve. Her patience is immeasurable and her compassion and optimism is vital to this kind of work. She did a beautiful job of moving me through the meditations, which were incredible. After this last session, I can't wait to do the heart space meditations and the regression meditations.

SamUnited States

Overall, I was wonderfully impressed with how meaningful the online experience felt, as I much prefer working in person and sometimes struggle to feel connected virtually. Amy was tangibly present, incredibly patient and aware when guiding me through meditations and allowing me to process wounding. I have recommended it to several friends! I continue using the skills I've learned personally, and am finding great value in doing this work.

JocelynUnited States

As a clinical counselor, I have observed most adult patient's mental health issues are from childhood trauma. As I completed this workshop, the most important factor I noticed was observing your inner feelings whether good or bad, toxic or healthy, investigate it, understand it, and know when it's your inner child speaking to you. Give your Inner child a voice and respect to express her/his concerns, needs, and wants. As you help her/him heal you'll become one and transform into the adult you were created to be.

JaniceUnited States

Who am I?

Having worked in therapeutic based settings of counselling, psychoanalytical and trauma informed circumstances, I have a diverse toolkit and flexible approach to integrative healing. Experience working with those of severe traumas (PTSD, childhood violence and abuse), depression, anxiety, dissociative tendencies and eating disorders, I have had the opportunity to develop personal and gentle therapies that empower individuals to self-heal.

What do I do?

Since graduating with an MSc in Investigative Forensic Psychology in 2012 I have been avidly interested in developing therapeutic practices that enable others to understand frameworks, allowing for individuals to self-realise paths towards their own healing. It has been very important for me to focus on techniques that participants can pass on whilst understanding their own contribution in healing others. I invite you to review the testimonies and other information to understand more about integrative therapy practices.

Free Sacred Space Meditation Mini-course

3 guided meditations to help you:

  • Create the meditation environment
  • Explore the introspective realms
  • Gracefully receive

For access to the course book and audios, please sign up to the mailgroup and confirm your subscription.