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This guided meditation takes you on a journey to meet your inner child and invite them on a short adventure in nature. Great for connecting to younger versions of yourself who wish to be seen, heard and have a playful exchange with. You may be surprised, delighted and touched by which version shows up…your inner child awaits you!

Purchase includes 1 x MP3 digital file ready for you to download directly to your device.

Running time for this meditation is 11:25 minutes.


  • This guided meditation encourages deeper states of relaxation, reducing feelings of tension, stress or anxiety and returning to a more harmonious state in mind, body, soul and spirit
  • Suitable for those new or beginning meditation as well as those who already have an established meditation practice
  • All MP3 audios are fully guided, with no background music and are approximately 10 minutes long
  • Listen as often as needed to cultivate greater states of well-being and  to connect with your inner child whenever you need. Also recommended to repeat the meditation regularly to enable a bond between your inner child and you to develop, encouraging a healthy, happy relationship

Upon purchase you will receive a compressed zip file containing the MP3 audio and a text file ready for you to download directly to your device and begin listening!

Part of a full meditation series, the complete Inner Harmony & Balance Series has 8 meditations, all available to buy in downloadable MP3 audio format. Click here to view the whole series.

Not recommended to listen to any meditation recording while driving or operating equipment/machinery.

Please note, guided meditations are for educational and entertainment purposes only and in no way a substitute for professional advice or treatment; medical, psychiatric, or otherwise. Due to the nature of this product, no refunds will be issued. All rights reserved. © Amy Grist.

If you wish to know more about how to connect to your inner child, heal the past and strengthen the bond, there is further support and guidance available. Book an online Inner Child Workshop and begin to cultivate a loving, trust relationship with yourself.
Heal the past, enjoy the present and be at peace for an unfolding future you consciously, lovingly create.

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