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Healing happens on many levels and at different stages throughout our life journey. Creating a safe space for vulnerability, acceptance, forgiveness and release is paramount in self empowered forms of therapy. I believe the answers we seek lie within us; we need an interface to tap into our layers of consciousness to allow greater depth of personal insight, appreciate the core of our very nature, the essence of our being.

During a coaching or healing session, we discuss your personal practice, what’s been coming up for you and where you feel blocks may be present or how they are affecting your day to day life and activities. Using self empowerment tools such as guided meditation, nonviolent communication, inner child work, we intentionally explore to identify blockages, wounds and work to release and heal them.

Open to receive practitioners, holistic healers or those interested in self development, sessions are guided at your pace, with considerations tailored to individual needs discussed through consultation. As a guide, I hold space and allow what is to unfold, with care, respect and confidentiality. Each session ensures adequate time to reflect and ground, enabling you to receive with compassion and clarity.

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