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Due to the nature of conditioning, learned behaviour and adaptations made early on in life we are mostly unaware of our patterns of thinking, behaving and reacting. We experience much of life on auto-pilot, and it feels normal because we have been accommodating coping mechanisms and adaptations to survive, to get our needs met by others, to be accepted, approved of and loved. As adults we no longer need to employ these survival strategies, however, we do need support in reprogramming our learned behaviours and adapted parts of ourselves.

Healing happens on many levels and at different stages throughout our life journey. Creating a safe space for the parts of us within that are in need of integrating is paramount in this journey. I believe the answers we seek lie within us; we need an interface to tap into our layers of consciousness to allow greater depth of personal insight and access the wisdom that lies at the core of our very nature; the essence of our being.

As a certified Mindfulness Coach, Well-being Practitioner and Mentor I offer you a space; using tools and techniques to support you on your journey in the areas you are facing challenges with. Drawing on my own life experiences, training and practices I utilise elements of neuro-linguistic programming, reparenting, generational patterns and healing, reframing, deconditioning of beliefs, habits, and relationship dynamics that are no longer serving you to establish a true sense of self and authenticity; the soul you came here to be.

An invitation to consider if these resonate:

  • Relationships are important to you and you are committed to prioritising them. You would also like to co-create more harmony and balance in your relationships
  • You already have and show great confidence and yet sometimes feel that your inner confidence and true authenticity isn’t coming through you or being expressed as much as you’d like
  • Love for you is important in terms of expressing and a way to give and receive nurturing to yourself and others on many levels. You may also feel a desire to create a deeper sense and experience of love within yourself (and others) that is even more nurturing and fulfilling
  • Your heart, body, mind and soul are awake and aware of their true value and significance they hold in your life. And you desire greater stability and vitality in their blossoming expression

I support and guide you through releasing imbalances across all aspects of self; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. These include past wounds, trauma and outdated stories, beliefs, overcoming patterns of learned behaviour, enabling a greater sense of well-being to flow through you. By reclaiming yourself, your life and relationships become harmonious, inner confidence blossoms and giving and receiving love in balance, on conscious and authentic terms.

During your free introductory coaching call I will open a space of safety and offer gentle enquiry that brings to light the areas of challenge, disconnect and blocks that are present in your day to day life impacting your well-being. By the end of the call you will gain clarity on the imbalances in your life and have an understanding of next steps in how to approach them.

Sessions are guided at your pace, with considerations tailored to individual needs discussed through consultation. As a guide, I hold space and allow what is to unfold, with care, respect and confidentiality. Each session ensures adequate time to reflect and ground, enabling you to receive with compassion and clarity.

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