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Guiding the Inner Journey

Amy has spent over a thousand hours in silent meditation retreats where days typically begin at 4am and meditation is on the menu for around 11 hours per day. Managing these courses of up to 100 students has given Amy the experience to explain and respond appropriately to the questions of the students. As a guide for others Amy gladly extends meditation sessions and guidance to allow others to feel content in their meditation setting and sitting.

Consider a Sacred Meditative Space

When I consider a Sacred Space I am drawn to a place that feels homely, warm, inviting and secure. Somewhere I can be and express my true authentic self; be unconditionally supported, accepted, and celebrated. This ‘place’ is often thought of as somewhere outside of us, and it can be, however, I invite you to journey with me inward and connect with your inner world. Your sacred space is waiting…

Creating an internal sacred space offers an opening to experience our multidimensional aspects of being; where inner wisdom resides. It is a bridge to experience our nature as spiritual beings joining and connecting with the subconscious mind. Our internal landscape is rich with potential; meditation is an accessible space we can venture in and be with ourselves.

Whether meditation is a long-term practice, fairly new or just beginning, it is inevitable that you will encounter a space that is new and unique for you. It may appear colourful, sensory, peaceful, still, visual, informative; the subjective experience is infinite in possibility.

Each time you go within, a new experience is waiting to unfold.

Meditation in Practice

Meditation is a foundational practice to support nervous system regulation, toning, emotional, physical and mental health and well-being. Mindfulness Meditation is a powerful technique using the breath as an anchor of safety. As a practice it promotes presence through conscious attentional awareness that enables individuals to self regulate and self soothe. The results are heightened feelings of presence, connection, peace, joy and compassion with yourself and others.

I use guided meditation and visualisation in my mentoring sessions and inner child workshops. If you would like to discuss a meditation practice or receive support in setting one up for your continued journey of healing and well-being, reach out and I’ll be glad to provide guidance enabling you to do so.

Inviting in Sacredness

A sacred space within is yours to create!

Sitting in a comfortable position, turning off distractions, minimising disruption as best you can, close your eyes. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, allow your shoulders to relax and your body to come into your awareness. Observe the breath and what is present.

Consider what you’d like to invite into your sacred space?

This can be imagined, visualised, felt, sensed and experienced…

Accessible for everyone, meditation is a soulful and practical tool to guide and support us in numerous ways; to build inner resilience, cultivate inner wisdom and create a feeling of belonging, grounding and safety.

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