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Embracing Integration

Finding Deep Grounded Foundations

Integration and a holistic approach to healing is moving towards wholeness; a healthy, balanced self in mind and body. It is a life commitment, a journey, continual practice that requires dedication, patience, persistence and compassion. A conscientious effort to bring ourselves into awareness in our daily lives using integration tools to support us is foundational in establishing a personal practice and living a life of harmony and joy in abundance.

Overcoming trauma, habit patterns, conditioning and beliefs that we acquire over our lifetime are wounds we carry that present themselves in our lives as challenges, blocks in creativity and stunts growth from an infinite well of potential that we all have access to.

I invite you to open and explore these deep rooted components, whilst space is held for profound realisation, transformation and healing.

Directing intentions to the areas of ourselves we feel needs adjustment, change and liberation is an approach to begin moving through dynamic, carefully woven, entwined complex elements of our physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of Self. By listening to our internal landscapes and honouring our inner authority to guide us on our path, we begin a powerful journey of transformation.

Integration does not always entail ‘getting rid’ of parts of yourself, sometimes the requirement to accept and bring love to those parts of ourselves we don’t like is the transformative work we need to create flow and harmony within. Facing shadows, embracing our whole self, is the sacred challenge that is delicate, demanding and divine.

Opening to the possibility of change is the first step. Allowing close, honest examination of the relationships you hold in all interactions with the outside world, enables one to gain perspective and question what is serving you. This can be confronting, however, kindness, recognition and acceptance supports us in managing information and insights received. Holding on to destructive habits and behavioural patterns, repetitive negative thoughts, emotions, past trauma (conscious or unconscious) inhibit us from moving into the space where we can start to realise our potential and flourish into the beautiful being we are meant to be. Integration work allows for reevaluation, consideration, and reinvention; letting go and choosing what you bring back in.

Our hearts are intelligent and sacred, the nature of energy is to flow freely, our essence pure. We are deserving of experiencing life’s gifts every day.

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