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Visual Expression

A Resonance of the Sacred

We all perceive our world through unique subjective experiences. Our day to day visual field is flooded with colour, light, perception, perspective, mood, tone, feeling, texture, patterns, lines, shapes and space. In the conscious moment we create, play, and carry the capacity to visualise beyond what the naked eye can see.

Photography is a medium in which life is captured and represented in a moment, still and concrete of the present, though paradoxically it does remain in the past. There are many moments that pass by without being recorded, filed into memory, and yet there is a driving force where we seemingly choose the moments we wish to capture; a fascination, an intrigue, a quest in understanding, perhaps ordinary in the extraordinary, mundane in the indescribable, sharing stories, enjoying contrast.

Focused attention on objects, subjects, landscapes, depths, portraits, is a mechanism that brings a picture to life, a consideration chosen with care and intent, and then directed. The photographer’s intention is honoured through artistic expression; serving as a channel, connected to source that moves through them from the point of inception, inspiration to final capture. These subtleties that can be observed, felt and appreciated during photograph viewings.

The output of represented visual expression is immensely variable; some pictures immediately invoke an emotion, some require more time spent with them to explore and reflect on potential meaning, message and feeling. The beauty in expression is both intentional and spontaneous; a delicate dance between inner worlds and outer worlds. The lines are encouraged to overlap, blur and entangle, leaving a resonance that is touching, insightful and sacred.

Our lives hold a narrative unique to ourselves; I welcome you to share a bit of mine.