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Inner Child Card Readings

For first time encounters with your inner child and for those who have already connected with their inner child and wish to deepen and integrate daily life teachings, challenges and opportunities, card readings present a portal through which to engage this relationship from an additional, complimentary, perspective.

Inner Child cards offer insight, reflections and touch upon aspects of ourselves and our lives to consider, listen and feel into whether a resonance presents an opportunity for further supportive healing. Whether joining the dots to understand a long held behaviour pattern and conditioning, or a single revelation that allows for a transformation to occur immediately.

As with all healing and energy work, the path continues and so do our footsteps on our journey of transformation. Card readings can serve as supportive steps in this process.

An open invitation to all

For those who have completed the Inner Child Workshop, integration over the following weeks and months is a continual and significant part of the process in nurturing and building the relationship with your inner child. If you’ve not yet joined a workshop and feel a resonance with Inner Child Work and would like to explore the archetype through card readings, then this is an opportunity to tap into it and explore further.

Card readings are a powerful way to receive intuitive messages and support identifying patterns, blockages and threads in our lives with clarity and precision, enabling us to take action, release and continue to heal wounds in our subconscious and conscious.

What does a card reading entail?

Each card reading takes place in a safe space, with support and guidance at every step. Single and multiple card readings are available to discuss and explore what’s being communicated on unconscious planes.

Information is all around us and sometimes we are unable to see the whole picture, or a clear part of the picture due to blind spots and narrow perspective. This is ok! Modern day living pressures and patterns often don’t allow for these insights to appear and make sense. This is where choosing a space to explore, being open to listen and receive vital messages that want to get through is supportive and complimentary to all existing practices, whilst providing the safe platform to receive insights.

Inner Child Card Readings offer...

  • Single and multiple card readings, with exploration, understanding and considerate explanation
  • Dedicated time and space held for exploring deep rooted beliefs, conditioning, trauma, patterning, emotional pain, blockages that no longer serve you in your daily life
  • Support and guidance at every step held in a safe space
  • Opportunity for connecting insights through deepening an inner understanding of yourself and how this affects and impacts your life
  • Focused attention to discuss any aspect, new or familiar, that is coming up for you
  • Gentle confidence building to trust your intuition on your path of self transformation
  • Learn about the Inner Child Archetype and gain a clearer understanding of Inner Child Work
  • Practice integrating the tools and techniques learned in the workshop
  • Receive support and additional insights from an experienced practitioner

Virtual Card Readings on Zoom with a bespoke deck of Inner Child Cards

Single Card Reading – Up to 40 minutes: £50

Multiple Card Reading (3 cards) – 60-70 minutes: £70

Book a Card Reading

For more details on Inner Child healing and to find booking options for Inner Child work you can visit the Inner Child Workspace or Contact Me.