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Inner Child Mentoring

Ongoing Support for your journey

Mentoring Sessions

Upon completion of the Inner Child Workshop, integration over the following weeks and months is a continual and significant part of the process in nurturing and building the relationship with your inner child.

Digesting the material, your personal experience and putting into practice the tools and techniques you’ve learned takes time, and perhaps some getting used to!

Mentoring offers a container of support with guidance in your journey of healing with your inner child. Sessions can be weekly or every two weeks, scheduled according to what best meets your needs. During the sessions, space is held for any aspects of inner child work that require deeper insight, evaluation and reflection. This includes overcoming limiting beliefs and rewiring them, reclaiming lost, hidden or buried parts of the child self, healing past memories, trauma and wounds. In addition, if something comes up with your inner child in between sessions, you are invited to share with your mentor how the process is going, with available support and guidance provided.

There is also the opportunity to practise the meditation techniques a little deeper, where space can be held whilst going through regressions together, ensuring a safe and supportive experience. Letting go, releasing old wounds and energy around long held beliefs, trauma, emotions and behavioural patterns requires a gentle and loving approach to begin to remove the multiple layers of conditioning and automatic responses.

It is normal for resistance, fears and doubts to come up along the way as well! Rest assured this is all part of the process and something we all navigate during journeys of healing and transformation. You will learn ways to manage and work through any resistance and fears that arise with your mentor, to ensure that all parts of you are considered in this work. Your inner community is paramount!

A journey of integration is usually a three to six month period following the workshop, with longer term mentoring that can range from 12 months to 2 years. Short and long term mentoring offers a dedicated space and time for continued momentum and practice of the tools and techniques you have learned and opportunities for deeper aspects of personal growth and transformation to unfold.

Enquire about Inner Child Mentoring

IC Workshop

Mentoring offers:

  • Dedicated time and space held for overcoming deep rooted beliefs, conditioning, trauma, patterning, emotional pain, blockages that no longer serve you in your daily life
  • Support and guidance at every step held in a safe space
  • Opportunity for regressions with your inner child
  • Practice integrating the tools and techniques learned in the workshop
  • A forum for asking questions, clarifying reparenting techniques and reflections of new insight and areas of personal growth and development
  • Gentle confidence building and learning to trust your intuition
  • Learn new techniques and supportive practices for expanding on inner child work
  • Receive support and additional insights from an experienced practitioner

Amy is an experienced mentor and I drew valuable insights & lessons from her. Always compassionate, kind and a real sense of calm, which I feel is important on such a journey working with the inner child.


First of all my mentor Amy is INCREDIBLE! She is patient, calm, understanding and so very gentle. Her words touch my soul! She knows just what to say! She is flexible to help me with my individual needs. And she uses different techniques to help me get to a real true healing with my inner child.


I can not say enough about Amy who was my mentor. She was supportive and guided me during this journey. Amy has a wealth of knowledge and she is always calm and approachable, which was so helpful when I was going through some major shifts in my life. I felt supported without judgement which is important to me. The mentoring program helped me have a deeper understanding of myself and a better connection with my Inner Child.