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Intuitive Healing

Tibetan Reiki, an ancient healing practice

Reiki is an ancient healing system, founded by Dr. Mikao Usui. ‘Rei’ in Japanese translates to ‘Universal Spirit’, or ‘Essence’; ‘ki’ means ‘Life Energy’, as known as ‘Chi’, in Eastern healing modalities. Together, ‘Rei-ki’ can be thought of as a universal life force energy, one that surrounds us, we are part of and is flowing through us constantly.

Reiki comes from a traditional lineage of Tibetan Buddhist Masters, trained in what was once an oral tradition, now captured in material form and transferred to those who study the techniques and practices.

As with many modern day healing systems, each variant has been adapted through teachers and masters alike. The essence of Reiki remains unchanged; that through inviting and connecting the universal energy of life to flow through us, we are able to receive healing on many levels and forms. Although there are connections with religion in some lines, Reiki is not traditionally linked to religion; it is a universal practice available to all, inclusive and compatible with any existing spiritual and religious practice.

How can Reiki support me?

Reiki can be used in an enormous variety of ways; the central aspect being that the universal life force is unconditional love. Therefore, Reiki is completely safe to access, transfer and receive; it requires trust to let the energy balance our systems and energy fields.

The stresses of modern day living are often taken for granted and overlooked about the true impact they have on us. Most of us struggle with imbalances, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki assists to bring balance and harmony into the multiple aspects of our being in an intelligent and intentional way. The more we practice, the more our systems integrate balance and healing takes place. Like with all modalities of healing, the results can be subtle, profound and everything in between.

Practitioners of Reiki have been through attunements and training in the use of sacred symbols to connect and receive Reiki.

Reiki offers:

  • Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balancing
  • The practitioner and person receiving increases their universal life force energy within
  • Healing to occur on all parts and layers of our being
  • Support with healing, alongside any other treatments and ongoing medical care
  • Support for yourself and loved ones who you would like to send Reiki to
  • Spiritual growth, empowerment and connection with your Higher Self
  • Boosts to the self healing system within, including the immune system
  • Support for the body’s natural ability to heal
  • Connection; for yourself and sharing with others

Reiki with Amy

Offering Reiki 1 and 2 courses Amy is committed to supporting you on your journey with Reiki and sharing healing to you and your loved ones. Reiki 1 and 2 courses are available online via Zoom; all follow the Usui natural healing method.

Amy gladly offers to send Reiki too. If you would like to receive Reiki or request Reiki for a loved one, or someone you know (family member, friend, pet), please enquire below. The process usually takes about a week to complete from first contact, arranging a time when Reiki will be sent and the person receiving.

Distance Healing sessions can be arranged:

  • at a specific time, or usually within an agreed timeframe
  • requiring your full name (or the person you wish to send Reiki to)
  • a photograph of you/the person
  • your/their location
  • extending to animals too! Reiki can be sent to your pets

Enquire about Reiki

Initial welcome

For more information about intuitive healing or to enquire about Reiki courses please Contact Me.