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Finding Your Rhythm

Allowing Flow & Movement

To move is action, focused effort with intentional direction and purpose. To move is also to express; through creative channels of flow one can invite exploration, practice a routine, set of steps or positions and dance spontaneously. Movement is part of our natural state of being and we experience levels of conscious and unconscious movement in our daily lives attached to function, purpose, reaction and intention.

Our bodies are vessels through which we hold the capacity for great feats, acquire new skills, coordinate and celebrate rhythm, tap into abilities we didn’t know we had and were capable of. Movement practices encompass a vast number of options and finding one that resonates with your core is representative of self flourishment; one feels in harmony and flow, and usually quietens the mind to a level of peace, if only for a short while, that is holistically nurturing wellbeing.

Movement practices take commitment, discipline and strength of character. Showing up for yourself each day to practice, explore, nurture and grow is a dedication, a journey, with yourself, for yourself. It is a beautiful reflection of our relationship with life; challenging, rewarding, progressive. Choosing a movement practice that compliments your day to day activities and is supportive of lifestyle considerations sometimes requires many trials until we find a place we feel at home in, free to express our authentic self. Support and guidance along our path is vital and reaching out to community, friends, teachers, mentors, who recognise and accept us for who we really are, assist us in realising our potential.

Energy is the life force behind movement, meant to flow. When energy cannot flow blockages can manifest physically, emotionally and spiritually and these require careful attention and work at freeing. Movement expressed from the heart, is compassionate and radiates outwards, it is strong, empowering and serves as a channel of release. The limitless possibility in creating a movement practice that is maintainable, nurturing, empowering and reflects positively in your daily life is fully within your demand of reaching.

Let’s Dance!