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Envision and Align with your Deep Desire

A six week beautifully structured, safe (trauma informed) container that offers you the chance to intentionally connect and honour your heart’s wisdom to uncover your deep desire for your soul’s next step in your personal evolution.

A gentle, heart opening journey of heart activation that taps into your abundant and resourceful intuition that holds the information needed to bring you into alignment with your purpose more deeply.

Saying yes to yourself and inviting your deep desire to come through and out into the world with like-hearted, inspiring women who share the same values as you and want their purpose to be clear and align more deeply.

By the end of the program you will know your deep desire(s), have worked through blocks preventing you from hearing, believing and seeing your deep desire and be clear on aligned action and already be putting the tools and techniques into practice to fulfil your deep desire.

Take me to the details
If you’ve landed here, here’s what I sense you may resonate with:
  • You already have incredible inner wisdom, yet feel disconnected, distracted or confused about accessing or listening to your heart’s true desire(s)
  • You’re a heart centred soul, yet feel frustrated when plans, desire or action for change don’t fully take off or turn out the way you intended
  • You know what you want and are not afraid to pursue your dreams and desires, yet the inner critic often prevents you from taking action
  • You’re an intuitive, heart led soul and feel frustrated when the mind takes over trying to ‘work things out rationally and logically’ when you feel deep down a greater shift is calling you
  • You have great inner-knowing and achieve great things in life, yet feeling stuck in overwhelm is blocking you from the next level of soul growth calling you

A deep desire is something that is important to you on a soul
level, it comes from the depths within.

Maybe you relate to, have experienced and may currently be experiencing the following and it’s like playing the tape on loop over again!
  • You know that you have something greater to give of yourself to make an impact in the world, yet you’re stuck or not sure which direction to take or decision to make
  • You often dream about what you wish your life was like or what you want to do in life but get stuck in confusion, overwhelmed or find yourself saying “it’s just not the right time yet” and nothing is changing!
  • You have projects, ideas or things you’ve started but not seen through, finished or it’s not been possible to complete
  • You have a great idea but no idea how it really looks or would look like being brought into the world or how you would even get started to make it happen
  • You need a change and can feel it’s coming, perhaps long overdue, but you don’t have all the pieces in place yet to get started, which is most frustrating!
  • You are so done with wishing the very thing you want most for your life and loved ones is not happening and so you are willing to give it one more go
You may have found yourself in the past and/or currently find yourself:
  • You have already tried and perhaps invested into this project and it’s just not working or you have no clear direction or know what steps to take
  • You have listened to a bunch of podcasts, webinars and free offerings and you are so inspired but lost as to what your first step to getting started with the change or idea is
  • You find yourself every lunar cycle or regular moments during the year thinking about what you’d like to do (project, change, new idea etc) but you just can’t seem to get it off the ground or direct your energy into it
  • You have given it so much thought that you feel confused and put off trying to make something happen which feels just too far away, difficult or challenging to overcome
  • You feel you don’t have the time, energy or resource to fulfil what you would like to do/see/make happen and have just about given up
  • You may have sat down and mapped it out, got ideas and seem to know what you want and feel somewhat clear but now…you’ve stopped! What’s next?

Envision and Align with your Deep Desire

The program will help and support you with:


  • A space that provides you with the very space you have been yearning for to make traction and get clear on your ideas/goals and desires for yourself and your life
  • Space to get really clear on what exactly you want to do next, realise or work towards or your next chapter of personal development and life transformation
  • Receive support and clarity as each step is broken down in a simple and tangible way to allow the pathway to flow in the direction you want
  • Be part of a group with other like-minded and like-hearted souls that are in similar positions to you and will inspire, support and encourage you at every step of the way
  • Space to get clear on what aligns with you in your current season, or chapter, in life and map out the steps needed to bring the idea, project or change into reality
  • Receive guidance on aligned action which is vital to bringing your deep desire into a balanced, integrated reality
  • Connect deeply to your inner wisdom and heart that may feel out of reach currently and you crave a space to reconnect with that is supportive, gentle, loving and compassionate
  • Supporting you in overcoming blocks, fears and resistance that you may already know so well but need some dedicated space to work through them properly, not on your own, with support of a group and facilitator
  • Be part of a community with other incredibly inspiring, authentic and heart centred women where you are valued, celebrated and appreciated – your presence, voice and wisdom is needed!
  • A journey to build confidence that will enable you to step more into the person you know you are with more trust, ease and grace
  • Stepping into a space of personal empowerment that will enable you to make the change and deep desire you’ve been wanting to and waiting for the right moment…here it is!

Program Outline

6 x weekly 90 minute calls for 6 consecutive weeks

All program materials fully provided

Weekly Worksheets for each session

Weekly Takeaways and practices to support you integrate the material covered in the session

An Opt in: A private group (WhatsApp/Telegram) to share your experiences and heart throughout the program. Join our cosy group community of program members


Calls will take place on Thursdays, beginning 7th March 2024 and ending April 11th 2024. Times will be 2pm ET / 7pm GMT.

Week One: Welcome!
7th March 2pm ET / 7pm GMT

Week Two: Envisioning your Deep Desire
14th March 2pm ET / 7pm GMT

Week Three: Committing to your Deep Desire
21st March 2pm ET / 7pm GMT

Week Four: Aligning to your Deep Desire
28th March 2pm ET / 7pm GMT

Week Five: BE-ing in your Deep Desire
4th April 2pm ET / 7pm GMT

Week Six: Celebrating your living Deep Desire
11th April 2pm ET / 7pm GMT

Program Investment

As part of this offering I would be delighted to offer the program price at a lower price in exchange for your feedback and experience of the program. You will be provided with a feedback questionnaire, and I may ask for feedback during the program, which will be most gratefully received.

Envision & Align with your Deep Desire: 6 week program
Regular investment: £597

The lower price in exchange for your feedback: £497


Payments can be made by UK Bank Transfer, Wise or PayPal.
Please note, GBP (£) is the required currency, so international transfers or currency exchange may be requested by your bank and/or payment provider (e.g. PayPal). This may incur additional fees.

A non-refundable deposit of £149 is required to secure your place in the program, yay! This will be deducted from the total price and the remaining balance can be paid in full or in monthly installments at your convenience.

Your soul’s next step in your personal evolution

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If you would like a call together to discuss any aspects of the program please contact me and I’ll gladly arrange one for us.
Please know that whatever you decide is right for you, I have loved and appreciated the opportunity to share this with you.
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Love and blessings