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Masterclass 2022

Envision & align with your deep desire

Welcome to the space of possibility!

I am your space holder and facilitator for this Masterclass. Thank you for following your intuition to land here and sign up.

My intention is to inspire, empower and uplift consciousness through sharing practical holistic tools and guidance to support and align you on your soul path of self realisation and transformation.

Envision and align with your deep desire...

The approach I’ve been guided to share is based on my own experience, which is feeling and intuitive based, rather than logical, rational thinking. Acknowledging the need for those two aspects to work together, you first need to identify your deep desire and that doesn’t come from the mind, it comes from the heart. A deep desire is  something that is important to you on a soul level, it comes from the depths within. So, we are going to dive into the heart space together and realise what it is that your soul is yearning for.

It can be confusing, conflicting of what a desire is because we are wired to go to the mind for answers. It’s part of our programming, which has its place and is useful! We are going to step aside from any influence of what you think might be your true desire and uncover a space where you feel what is right for you. That’s where the gold is.

A deep desire comes from the soul level of your unique and personal evolution.

Sign up here...

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This 90 minute Masterclass will provide a space in order to receive the inner wisdom and guidance that is already within you. Through a guided meditation to the temple of possibility, you will discover your deep desire(s) and receive the intuitive, heart centred wisdom that awaits. You will then be invited to explore any limiting beliefs and blockages that arise and are preventing you from realising your deep desire. Using a mindfulness based practice, you will be guided to release and let go of any limiting beliefs and blockages, creating an open hearted space for your desire to flourish. Consideration will be given to the necessary aligned action that is communicated and shown to you so you have a tangible, realistic approach to go forth and live your deep desire!

Looking forward to being your guide and offering this space to realise, embrace and bring forth your soul goals for 2022 and beyond! After all, in the realm of intuition you are free from linear timelines, which take the form of deadlines and expectations. Instead, you open to possibility that through being tuned in to your inner knowing and bringing awareness to your deep desire, you are your own guide to live it daily.

To prepare for the Masterclass

  • Come as you are, with an open heart and mind!
  • Create a space where disturbances and distractions are minimal
  • Bring a notepad and pen
  • A beverage to keep you hydrated and cosy