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Circle 2022

8 week journey

I welcome you warmly to the women’s circle; a safe, sacred space to participate in and receive an experiential journey.

Women gathering in circle is an ancient practice and artform that lives on within our DNA. I believe in the power of being in circle to witness, support and uplift each other. Having led and participated in women’s circles for over three years I have experienced first hand the truly sacred space and transformative power it holds. Connection, community and collaboration with like-minded and like-hearted souls are what sitting in circle with women have to offer. We have been doing this for millenia! Whilst some aspects of daily living and fast changing, uncertain global factors are moving in a direction away from connection, community and collaboration, I believe there is a calling to unite and remember the value of shared collective wisdom and support that these aspects bring; for our future as individuals and collectively.

This offering aligns with my values and beliefs in personal empowerment beginning with setting up a safe container where confidentiality, respect and gratitude are upheld. As a space holder for the group, a sacred space is maintained and you are a co-creator. This circle is yours and ours to co-create.

What to expect?

Throughout the eight weeks, we will gather in circle for an hour together each week and you will experience a safe space to share, express and be present with yourself and others. You will meet and join other beautiful souls who feel called to be in circle too, enabling strong connections and a sense of community to be built. Learning from each other, sharing wisdom through honouring all aspects of yourself, combined with the exploration of a given theme, we embark on a journey in circle together.

What makes the circle space sacred is that it is free from judgement; however you show up in the moment, exactly as you are; no filters, prerequisites or experience necessary! In fact what makes a circle authentic is not knowing what’s going to come up because as a group we co-create this space together. Whilst there is a structure, theme and container, the content as such is unknown until the moment arrives. Honouring each woman’s voice, words, silences, thoughts and feelings; listening, affirming and receiving each other.

Each week we have a theme to consider and explore during the week leading up to our live call and on the call itself. You will have the opportunity to share how this theme has been showing up for you, as well as witnessing the other women in the group as they share their experiences too. A gentle reminder that what you put in, you shall receive in kindness, gratitude and appreciation! I understand that being in circle and feeling vulnerable is a natural part of the process, yet please don’t let this hinder or hold you back from giving yourself this opportunity to receive an authentic experience.

I believe in the gift of collaboration and collective support where you are celebrated, accepted and valued to be just who you are. This is so powerful and we all deserve to receive this, including you! There is a wealth of wisdom, healing and nourishment to be gained. And, it’s going to be fun! I would love for you to join me and experience being in circle. Whether you are new to women’s circles or have attended and participated in women’s circle, or any other type of circle work before, this is a timeless practice where you will always be learning and growing from new experiences and the dynamic of the group.

A deep desire comes from the soul level of your unique and personal evolution.

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Circle Outline

Week One
Welcome to Circle!
Introduction and intention setting

Week Two
Holistic women

Week Three
Seasons and cycles

Week Four
Self care

Week Five
Your creative flare

Week Six
Move your body!

Week Seven
The gift of joy

Week Eight
Closing circle; reflections, celebrations and your onwards journey

When do we begin?

Our circles will be held every Thursday evening throughout October and November 2022.

Week One – Oct 6th
Week Two – Oct 13th
Week Three – Oct 20th
Week Four – Oct 27th
Week Five – Nov 3rd
Week Six – Nov 10th
Week Seven – Nov 17th
Week Eight – Nov 24th

Time Zones may vary and it is my intention to make this as available as possible to those who wish to join, choosing the appropriate time that suits you. Initially the offering will be scheduled for Thursdays, GMT(London) 7pm-8pm and Thursdays, US Eastern Time 6pm-7pm.

All circle calls will be held on Zoom and due to the nature of being live together, recordings are not taking place. This allows for the authentic experience to be had and receive the benefits that being live together in circle provides. This is an experiential journey!

The investment is £85, which is due to be paid in full by September 29th by Paypal or UK bank transfer. An email will be sent to you when you reserve your place with all instructions on how to secure your seat in circle with payment in due course.