About Amy

Our eyes meet, settling for a moment into your presence, a conscious breath, greeting you with a smile.

I welcome you into my space, where sensitivity, perceptivity and safety is held. Honouring feminine divinity and grace I offer support and guidance that encompasses these qualities, coming from a place of compassion, openness and acceptance. Sharing self empowerment therapies to explore self depths, heal and attune into one’s own rhythm and self realise potential that aligns each unique life purpose.

Pursuing an early interest in analytical psychology, completing a Masters in Investigative Forensic Psychology in London, I was guided by a natural intrigue into the anthropological aspect of human experience and beyond; a desire to understand and appreciate our predicament here on earth.

Requiring considerations of self evolution, living on one’s own terms, and how to realise this in our everyday lives. This approach demanded a deep heart-opening subjective investigation and ensuing journey of shared self discovery with yoga and meditation, which opened up avenues to revisit and reclaim pursuits of self expression that had become dormant, recognising and embracing new capabilities as well.

My personal practices and passions contribute to and support the personal integrative therapies that I offer. Utilising energy in a way that is efficient, directional and intentional in one’s own being is mirrored in conscious self awareness and intuition. I perceive my own empowerment in holding space for others to self empower; to serve, with gratitude for every soul I meet.

A vision to flourish, in harmony and balance between internal and external landscapes that honours my own rhythm and flow is shared with you all. Our time together also contributes to collective co-evolution and consciousness that I am dedicated to witness.